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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have built my knowledge in sales, marketing, publicity, event planning and networked across all parts of the globe establishing and solidifying relationships with those at the top of the music, event, and entertainment industries. I have familiarized myself with all aspects of developing artists and planning events and becoming an expert in the fields publicity, marketing, writing, and editing.


PREMIERE! 'Rebirth' by Luca Maniaci

The track comes from Maniaci's 'Perception Research' album, which is out on 28 February. Today's exclusive track premiere is another treat for the techno lovers, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Rebirth by rising Italian producer Luca Maniaci. The track is taken from his debut full-length Perception Research, which is out on his own Mind Games Recordings label on 28 February.
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PREMIERE — Pete Bones & Daniel Allen – Fire Tornado (Daniel Allen’s Atmosphere Mix) [As.if] []

Pete Bones and Daniel Allen join forces for a new EP entitled ‘Fire Tornado’ on Finley’s brand new label, As.If Records with a remix by Finley himself. Pete Bones has had releases on iconic labels such as Superfreq and Bedrock while Daniel Allen has seen releases on Audiophile Deep, BluFin, Bush, and many others.
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Finley launches new label As.If Records

The 'Fire Tornado EP' is out on 1 November, with more in the pipeline from piticu, Jason Hodges and Maher Daniel. US producer Finley has announced the launch of a new label called As.If Records, which will debut in November with the Fire Tornado EP by Pete Bones and Daniel Allen. Brooklyn resident Finley's reputation has been steadily growing over the past few years.
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Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace & Matthias Tanzmann Release Debut Album As Better Lost Than Stupid 'Wild Slide'

Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann have released the album for their super group Better Lost Than Stupid aka BLTS. The trio have been releasing the odd single for the past two years, but now have collated those singles with some new music into their debut record Wild Slide. It’s a bit of an odd album that at times tries to be like The Chemical Brothers and then oscillates into ravier versions of Moderat tracks.
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Underworld Share Video for New Song “S T A R”

Iconic British dance duo Underworld (Karl Hyde and Rick Smith) are releasing a new album and box set, DRIFT Series 1, on October 25 via the band's own Smith Hyde Productions label and Caroline International. Now they have shared another song from it, "S T A R," via a video for the track. They have also shared the tracklist for the album and box set versions.
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Better Lost Than Stupid share more details of their debut album ‘Wild Slide’

Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace and Martin Buttrich, three leading artists of the dance scene, have been making music together for a while under the name of ‘Better Lost Than Stupid’, recently announcing more details of their upcoming debut album. The record, which will be titled ‘Wild Slide’, was recorded at Martin Buttrich’s studio in Barcelona and will feature collaborations by artists such as Jonathan Illel (JAW / DOP), Theo Altieri (CHANEY), Amber Van Day and Alex Naza.
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Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace y Martin Buttrich anuncian su primer álbum juntos

Desde hace un tiempo Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace y Martin Buttrich llevan colaborando juntos en el estudio y han venido publicando durante los últimos meses unos cuantos singles con el nombre de Better Lost Than Stupid. Finalmente el trío ha logrado reunir los suficientes temas como para publicar un álbum que verá la luz el próximo mes de septiembre bajo el título de Wild Slide.
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HSH_PREMIERE: Luca Maniaci - Requiem (Original Mix) [Mind Games]

He now releases his debut album, on his own imprint Mind Games. With each track complementing the next, ‘Perception Research’ is an odyssey of sound that captures one’s deepest emotions, from hard-hitting drums to melodious arrangements and the coalescence of the two. To get a taste of what the album offers, we grabbed the first play of “Requiem” – a stunning deep melodic techno cut.
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Luca Maniaci Captures Deep Emotions With “Perception Research” LP on Mind Games Recordings

Ever since he was a teenager, Luca Maniaci has been experimenting with various styles of production and eventually found a groove with Techno music. He has thus far produced over 100 tracks and released on labels such as Ovum, Flash, Area Remote, and many others in addition to his own label which he decided to launch in 2017.
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Fresh Music | Luca Maniaci’s ‘Perception Research’ Plays Games With Your Mind!!!

Luca Maniaci has been experimenting with various styles of production and eventually landed on Techno music. Maniaci has produced over 100 tracks on labels such as Ovum, Flash, Area Remote, and many others. In addition, Luca has his own label which he launched in 2017, Mind Games Records. Luca Maniaci’s debut album, ‘Perception Research’ comes out February 28th and reminds us of what techno albums used to consist of back in the day.
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The Top 15 Techno Tracks of September 2018

Step inside the best of September to find out what tunes were the biggest and the best this past month had to offer. Feel free to disagree but there's no doubt that these 15 special tunes made their mark. Radio 1's B.Traits lands on the hotly anticipated seventh edition of Drumcode's A-Side comp with this electrifying techno she calls "I Feel The Music."
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Premiere: MANIK Brings Deep House Vibes to Vibe Me To The Moon Records With Dalmatians EP

Like a true New Yorker, he continued on the grind shortly after his album hit the stores. He returned to the studio to work on the SH-101 Dalmatians EP. a three-tracker that serves as his debut artist EP on Vibe Me To The Moon Records. In true MANIK fashion, he delivered the goods in 100% raw and pure form.
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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have worked in the electronic music and event industry for over 10 years both in New York City and Los Angeles in a variety of roles that has allowed me to contribute over 100 articles in over 10 media outlets. I have covered a wide range of topics that include music, events, festivals, social media, branding, marketing, time management, PR, and event sponsorship.

I have volunteered as a production assistant at music festivals such as Lightning in A Bottle, and Oregon Eclipse Gathering, and i3 in Downtown Los Angeles and have conducted interviews with artists such as Rudimental, Jon Hopkins, Bob Moses, Behrouz, Joel Mull, Danny Tenaglia, Andhim, Pan-Pot, Robert Hood, and many others.

I have a vast network of contacts that include C-Level Executives; VCs; Festival & Event Organizers; Digital & Experiential Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Experts; Senior Editors; Content Managers, Specialists, & Developers; Copywriting Experts; Record Label Managers & Execs; Rights & Licensing Managers; Photographers & Videographers; Energy & Environmental Experts & Specialists; and much more!

I have attended thousands of art and music events and festivals and traveled to over 100 cities in over 20 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. I'm interested and knowledgeable about house & techno and funk music and events as well as street art, travel, health & wellness, technology, green & renewable energy, environmental conservation, sustainability, sports, fitness, fashion, nature & wildlife, cannabis, astronomy, psychedelics, and a variety of other subjects.

I'm looking to connect like-minded individuals to formulate strong and loyal networks and communities who share the same values, interests, tastes, and attributes. Those that are both highly influential and wish to grow exponentially by connecting with and learning from other experts in order to become an expert themselves.

I'm always open to new opportunities and I celebrate being both open-minded and open-sourced. I'm always purpose-driven and wish for any companies, corporations, and organizations to also be the same and have an MTP that allows for exponential growth. Whether that means B-corp certification, being a steward of the environment, or providing knowledge and education.

Currently residing in Central Vietnam.



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