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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have built my knowledge in sales, marketing, publicity, event planning and networked across all parts of the globe establishing and solidifying relationships with those at the top of the music, event, and entertainment industries. I have familiarized myself with all aspects of developing artists and planning events and becoming an expert in the fields publicity, marketing, writing, and editing.


Finley launches new label As.If Records

The 'Fire Tornado EP' is out on 1 November, with more in the pipeline from piticu, Jason Hodges and Maher Daniel. US producer Finley has announced the launch of a new label called As.If Records, which will debut in November with the Fire Tornado EP by Pete Bones and Daniel Allen. Brooklyn resident Finley's reputation has been steadily growing over the past few years.
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Luca Maniaci Captures Deep Emotions With “Perception Research” LP on Mind Games Recordings

Ever since he was a teenager, Luca Maniaci has been experimenting with various styles of production and eventually found a groove with Techno music. He has thus far produced over 100 tracks and released on labels such as Ovum, Flash, Area Remote, and many others in addition to his own label which he decided to launch in 2017.
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Fresh Music | Luca Maniaci’s ‘Perception Research’ Plays Games With Your Mind!!!

Luca Maniaci has been experimenting with various styles of production and eventually landed on Techno music. Maniaci has produced over 100 tracks on labels such as Ovum, Flash, Area Remote, and many others. In addition, Luca has his own label which he launched in 2017, Mind Games Records. Luca Maniaci’s debut album, ‘Perception Research’ comes out February 28th and reminds us of what techno albums used to consist of back in the day.
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Vibe Me To The Moon Launches with Nightsteppaz & Roland Clark

Vibe Me To The Moon’s debut release sees Nightsteppaz teaming up with Roland Clark for some pointed commentary on the state of the scene. If you’ve ever noticed your friends going to work on Monday in a worse mood than they were before a weekend out – congratulations, you’ve discovered the secret of modern nightlife, in which clubbing is meant to be instagrammed rather than enjoyed.

Jay Tripwire Beams “The Energy of the Room” Into the Cosmos

“The Energy of the Room” by Dutch duo Nightsteppaz and New York veteran Roland Clark featuring remixes by Joeski, MANIK, Chris Luzz, and left-field legend Jay Tripwire drops on their new label, Vibe Me to the Moon on December 1. Every now and then, NASA sends or receives music to or from outerspace. Link to Story

nest10 // VOL 36 — Free Downloads from NGHTMRE, Snappy Jit, Russ Liquid, and more

Ten tunes. One link. Zero dollars. Here’s the 36th volume of our ongoing weekly free download series, nest10. If you’re a producer or remixer and would like to have your track considered for the next nest10, send your private SoundCloud streams to submissions @ with the subject “nest10” and we’ll check it out!
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Human Movement get dark on their 'Subcity' EP

If you made it to Human Movement's sold out party at the Civic on the weekend you would've had a taste of their new EP "Subcity". Two tracks make up this more mature piece of darkness. The namesake "Subcity" and the follow on track "Hi-Hat Conversation" are two brooding tunes that show some serious progression in Human Movement's production.
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Freddy Be - Holding Back (S.O.U.L. Vibration Lazy River Mix)

Freddy Be is already a beloved figure in music behind-the-scenes as Sound club’s Monday Social organizer, but on the public end he’s beginning to build a name for himself in the progressive world. 2016 kicked off an exciting development for the producer, whose single “Holding Back” was handpicked by John Digweed for an episode of his famed Transitions show. An abundance of drum rhythms balance out subtle synth melodies with a hint of acid in their tone, and nostalgic vocal samples tying the two contrasting elements together. The output’s percussive emphasis fosters an entrancing nature throughout the clip’s duration, adding an edge of mysticism and deep contemplation.
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Freddy Be – Holding Back [Perspectives Digital]

Marking the 41st release on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital, the label welcomes the debut release of LA’s iconic DJ and promoter, Freddy Be. Newly emerging on John Digweed’s Transitions radio show, Holding Back does not fail to impress. With four stellar tracks, including three hot remixes from a wide array of talent, Freddy effortlessly transports you into a wonderfully intoxicating groove with his EP.
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Freddy Be To Release “Holding Back” EP on Perspectives Digital

The latest and 41st release on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital comes courtesy of one of LA’s longstanding DJs and promoters, Freddy Be. Freddy has been an integral part of the house music scene since the early 90s, in no small part thanks to his superb skills as a track selector and his ability to play to a wide array of crowds and rooms.
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Weekly Top Ten House Chart - May 19, 2016

We're back with another top ten house chart comprised of a high quality set of floor-stomping tunes including Joris Voorn, Riva Starr, and a highly unexpected house tune from Crookers! About ten years ago or so, Italian producer Crookers hit the scene with his own brand of campy electro that hipsters and ravers alike were going gaga for.
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[Premiere] D-Formation se une a la manada felina con su nuevo EP en Suara

Por alguna extraña razón, en la escena electrónica amamos a los gatos. Junto a unos buenos monitores y tarjetas de sonido, no puede faltar un felino en el estudio. Coyu debe estar de acuerdo con nosotros, por algo su ahora legendario sello, Suara, lleva como principal insignia a este peludo animal.
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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have worked in the electronic music and event industry for over 10 years both in New York City and Los Angeles in a variety of roles that has allowed me to contribute over 100 articles in over 10 media outlets. I have covered a wide range of topics that include music, events, festivals, social media, branding, marketing, time management, PR, and event sponsorship.

I have volunteered as a production assistant at music festivals such as Lightning in A Bottle, and Oregon Eclipse Gathering, and i3 in Downtown Los Angeles and have conducted interviews with artists such as Rudimental, Jon Hopkins, Bob Moses, Behrouz, Joel Mull, Danny Tenaglia, Andhim, Pan-Pot, Robert Hood, and many others.

I have a vast network of contacts that include C-Level Executives; VCs; Festival & Event Organizers; Digital & Experiential Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Experts; Senior Editors; Content Managers, Specialists, & Developers; Copywriting Experts; Record Label Managers & Execs; Rights & Licensing Managers; Photographers & Videographers; Energy & Environmental Experts & Specialists; and much more!

I have attended thousands of art and music events and festivals and traveled to over 100 cities in over 20 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. I'm interested and knowledgeable about house & techno and funk music and events as well as street art, travel, health & wellness, technology, green & renewable energy, environmental conservation, sustainability, sports, fitness, fashion, nature & wildlife, cannabis, astronomy, psychedelics, and a variety of other subjects.

I'm looking to connect like-minded individuals to formulate strong and loyal networks and communities who share the same values, interests, tastes, and attributes. Those that are both highly influential and wish to grow exponentially by connecting with and learning from other experts in order to become an expert themselves.

I'm always open to new opportunities and I celebrate being both open-minded and open-sourced. I'm always purpose-driven and wish for any companies, corporations, and organizations to also be the same and have an MTP that allows for exponential growth. Whether that means B-corp certification, being a steward of the environment, or providing knowledge and education.

Currently residing in Central Vietnam.



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