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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have built my knowledge in sales, marketing, publicity, event planning and networked across all parts of the globe establishing and solidifying relationships with those at the top of the music, event, and entertainment industries. I have familiarized myself with all aspects of developing artists and planning events and becoming an expert in the fields publicity, marketing, writing, and editing.


Interview Los Angeles Promoter: Cyril Bitar

Get to know the Lebanese born DJ/promoter who's taken over Wednesday's in Los Angeles. Although many individuals played a role in my introduction to electronic music, my older brother, Danny, was definitely the first to spark my interest. Not only did he introduce me to the music, but as a promoter himself, he taught me a lot about the industry.
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Techno Tuesday: The state of LA techno, narrated by Cyril Bitar of Minimal Effort & Human Resources

Techno Tuesday is a feature on Dancing Astronaut documenting the culture of underground dance music. We’ll bring you exclusive interviews, tracks, and narratives from artists within the techno, tech house, and deep house world in an effort to shed light on some of the best talent outside the world of mainstream dance music.
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Alex Piccini

So you just had your 2nd vinyl release on your own label Kosmophono, what made you decide to start releasing vinyl and where is this release being distributed? Glad to talk with you. We started a vinyl series on Kosmophono and the first release is signed by Antony Difrancesco & Ferro, David Gtronic, Crocodile Soup, and He Did.
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Interview with Zenbi [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

This month I had the pleasure to talk to Zenbi (Christopher Porter), talented electronic music producer, DJ and owner of his own successful recording label Zenbi Recordings. Zenbi has packed crowds from Boston to Budapest, Milan to Miami, and performed at major dance music festivals including BPM, Miami Music Week, Winter Music Conference, Groove Cruise, SodaPop Milano, and ADE.
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BEATMAKERS #2 – Slotta (Suazilândia- Swaziland)

Slotta foi o apelido dado por uma amigo de sexta série. E de onde saiu este apelido? De uma série de TV chamada “Tropical Heat”, a semelhança com o ator principal “Nick Slaughter” no departamento de “porradaria” era enorme . The name Slotta was given to me in the sixth grade, from a television series called “Tropical Heat”.
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Human Movement Go Deeper to Evolve Their Sound [Interview]

As one of Australia's most exciting new projects to surface in recent years, Human Movement are quickly becoming trendsetters in the scene. Consisting of Edward MacDonald and Blake Gilray, the duo are true purveyors of a deep and emotive side to dance music, focusing on low frequencies that infectiously captivate the listener.
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Rudimental: “We’re not zoned into one type of dance category”

Having recently unleashed their second album ‘We The Generation’ on a very much expectant public, it’s easy to forget just how have been a revolutionary an act Rudimental have been in bridging the gap between mainstream commercialized music and certain aspects of the underground. They started out as an English drum and bass band and quickly evolved their sound into something more diverse and eclectic, incorporating live instruments such as guitar, saxophone, and live percussion into their sets.
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Words With: Human Resources + TUFF Tape Vol. 47

/NYC based project Human Resources a.k.a. Ahmed and Cyril, have been making some big waves in California, which includes their side project Minimal Effort. With appearances throughout the Middle East and all over California, we were happy to sit down with the duo and talk some shop about their recent activities in L.A. and what the future might hold for their project.
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Agoria: A Soundtrack of Diversity

Agoria aka Sebastien Devaud is a French DJ/Producer who has toured all over the world and teamed up with some of the most illustrious labels and artists on the planet. After leaving his label Infine he went on to produce one of the most widely acclaimed EPs of all time with ‘Scala’ remaining a fixture on Beatport’s Top 100 chart for over a month.
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The EDM Life interview: Saeed Younan

EDM Life: Starting off with going back to last year, you played with Carl Cox at a couple of dates at Light and I believe at the Echo Stage? How did that relationship start where the two of you have been playing together here in the States? Saeed Younan: It actually all kicked off kind of in the summer of last year when we played together at Echo Stage… I was like a last minute add-on to the bill.
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Big Shot Rewind: 219 DJs and Artists Look Back on 2014

Police brutality. Civil unrest. Cyber terrorism. Climate change. Kim Kardashian. 2014 was as tough a year as they come. Reading the news was a challenging proposition, and for much of the year it seemed like the world was falling apart at the seams. With all of the tumult at least we had great music to soothe our aching souls.
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Frank & Tony: "In a lot of ways house music has become kind of sterilised and become something for white upper class people to enjoy."

Francis “Frank” Harris and Anthony “Tony” Collins make up the New York duo Frank & Tony but they didn’t meet in the Big Apple; in fact they hooked up in 2012 after a few chance meetings in Paris. They formed the duo in order to point back to the old New York house music scene in a sense “that it was a place for the real freaks to come hang out” and create a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have worked in the electronic music and event industry for over 10 years both in New York City and Los Angeles in a variety of roles that has allowed me to contribute over 100 articles in over 10 media outlets. I have covered a wide range of topics that include music, events, festivals, social media, branding, marketing, time management, PR, and event sponsorship.

I have volunteered as a production assistant at music festivals such as Lightning in A Bottle, and Oregon Eclipse Gathering, and i3 in Downtown Los Angeles and have conducted interviews with artists such as Rudimental, Jon Hopkins, Bob Moses, Behrouz, Joel Mull, Danny Tenaglia, Andhim, Pan-Pot, Robert Hood, and many others.

I have a vast network of contacts that include C-Level Executives; VCs; Festival & Event Organizers; Digital & Experiential Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Experts; Senior Editors; Content Managers, Specialists, & Developers; Copywriting Experts; Record Label Managers & Execs; Rights & Licensing Managers; Photographers & Videographers; Energy & Environmental Experts & Specialists; and much more!

I have attended thousands of art and music events and festivals and traveled to over 100 cities in over 20 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. I'm interested and knowledgeable about house & techno and funk music and events as well as street art, travel, health & wellness, technology, green & renewable energy, environmental conservation, sustainability, sports, fitness, fashion, nature & wildlife, cannabis, astronomy, psychedelics, and a variety of other subjects.

I'm looking to connect like-minded individuals to formulate strong and loyal networks and communities who share the same values, interests, tastes, and attributes. Those that are both highly influential and wish to grow exponentially by connecting with and learning from other experts in order to become an expert themselves.

I'm always open to new opportunities and I celebrate being both open-minded and open-sourced. I'm always purpose-driven and wish for any companies, corporations, and organizations to also be the same and have an MTP that allows for exponential growth. Whether that means B-corp certification, being a steward of the environment, or providing knowledge and education.

Currently residing in Central Vietnam.



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