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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have built my knowledge in sales, marketing, publicity, event planning and networked across all parts of the globe establishing and solidifying relationships with those at the top of the music, event, and entertainment industries. I have familiarized myself with all aspects of developing artists and planning events and becoming an expert in the fields publicity, marketing, writing, and editing.


Symbiosis Gathering 2015: 10 Years of Communal Values and Vibes

There are a few places in this world that truly understand festival culture and what it means to be a “community”. Some will say that the UK understands this with festivals such as Global Gathering, Creamfields, and Glastonbury. Some will say that Croatia is the new homeland for this culture. Some will argue that The Netherlands throw down the hardest with techno festivals, Awakenings and Timewarp.
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Reviewed: Verboten’s 2nd StageONE of 2015

The second edition of Verboten’s StageONE for the summer of 2015 commenced this past Sunday, August 23rd at Williamburg’s iconic 50 Kent Ave. It was a sunny day as thousands made their way over past the Brooklyn flea market to see a stacked line-up that none other than Verboten could pull off. Doors opened bright and early at 1pm and upon first entry, the set-up was spacious, the staff were friendly, and the sound was top notch.
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Mysteryland USA 2014 Relived

Mysteryland is known as the longest running electronic music festival in the world deeply rooted in history dating back to 1993 in Lelystad. The first and latest installment is produced by the Dutch company ID&T who was recently acquired by SFX Entertainment. The international festival made its inaugural U.S. debut during Memorial Day Weekend 2014 at the legendary Bethel Woods, NY.
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Pan-Pot: Pressing Vinyl

Pan-Pot aka Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix first met at Berlin’s School of Audio Engineering and instantly clicked; first releasing on Anja Shneider’s Mobilee Records and then steadily dropping new records on us ever since. They are able to administer a unique sound that moves the dance-floor like no other having celebrated 10 years together this past year with their X Tour.
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Movement Electronic Music Festival 2014: A Look Back on a Weekend Unparalleled.

was proud to kick off their 2014 festival in Hart Plaza, the home of the festival since 2000 this past Memorial Day Weekend. The weekend was long anticipated ever since the set times were announced. Attendees quickly rushed to create a schedule of all the parties during and after the festival and outline the grounds in order not to miss a THING!
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tINI: Leader Of The Gang

In a recent sit down with German’s groove master from Mysteryland in Bethel, New York I was able to speak one-on-one with tINI. Mysteryland was her last gig of her current North America tour in which took place these last two weeks. After losing luggage, being absolutely exhausted from traveling show to show you’ll be pleased to know her passion remained undimmed and she was just as hilarious as if she were joking after a uneventful, relaxing weekend in Germany.
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Movement Festival 2014 Preiew

Most of the year, Detroit stands as a not-so-shining example of how a city can fall apart, its seemingly never-ending death spiral illustrating either the failures of the capitalist system or the perils of misguided city management, depending on one’s point of view. But the town has one thing going for it that most places can only dream of: one of the richest musical histories to be found, not only in America, but the world.
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Richard Saxe Coulson

I have worked in the electronic music and event industry for over 10 years both in New York City and Los Angeles in a variety of roles that has allowed me to contribute over 100 articles in over 10 media outlets. I have covered a wide range of topics that include music, events, festivals, social media, branding, marketing, time management, PR, and event sponsorship.

I have volunteered as a production assistant at music festivals such as Lightning in A Bottle, and Oregon Eclipse Gathering, and i3 in Downtown Los Angeles and have conducted interviews with artists such as Rudimental, Jon Hopkins, Bob Moses, Behrouz, Joel Mull, Danny Tenaglia, Andhim, Pan-Pot, Robert Hood, and many others.

I have a vast network of contacts that include C-Level Executives; VCs; Festival & Event Organizers; Digital & Experiential Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Experts; Senior Editors; Content Managers, Specialists, & Developers; Copywriting Experts; Record Label Managers & Execs; Rights & Licensing Managers; Photographers & Videographers; Energy & Environmental Experts & Specialists; and much more!

I have attended thousands of art and music events and festivals and traveled to over 100 cities in over 20 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. I'm interested and knowledgeable about house & techno and funk music and events as well as street art, travel, health & wellness, technology, green & renewable energy, environmental conservation, sustainability, sports, fitness, fashion, nature & wildlife, cannabis, astronomy, psychedelics, and a variety of other subjects.

I'm looking to connect like-minded individuals to formulate strong and loyal networks and communities who share the same values, interests, tastes, and attributes. Those that are both highly influential and wish to grow exponentially by connecting with and learning from other experts in order to become an expert themselves.

I'm always open to new opportunities and I celebrate being both open-minded and open-sourced. I'm always purpose-driven and wish for any companies, corporations, and organizations to also be the same and have an MTP that allows for exponential growth. Whether that means B-corp certification, being a steward of the environment, or providing knowledge and education.

Currently residing in Central Vietnam.



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